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Star Flyer & Tracking Q1

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Directors need to always have a Star focus.  Star Consultants are such a key part of your successful unit!  Stars are selling, re-ordering and working their business!  DIQs must be Stars!  Lead your unit and be a Star!  Here is a Star Flyer and a Tracking sheet for Quarter 1 of the 50th Anniversary year!  Have you seen that China??  Wow!   Mary Kay rewards your consultants with prizes and all you need to do is support them in that goal and keep that goal in front of them.   To be a Star Consultant, sell a minimum of $300 each week during the quarter.  To step up to another Star level, increase the amount you sell and add new qualified team members.  A consultant who is...

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The Race

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“Quit, give up, you’re beaten” They shout at you and plead “There’s just too much against you This time you can’t succeed”. And as I start to hang my head In front of failures face My downward fall is broken by The memory of a race And hope refills my weakened will As I recall that scene Or just the thought of that short race Rejuvenates my being Childrens race, young boys Young men, how I remember well Excitement sure, but also fear It wasn’t hard to tell They all lined up so full of hope Each thought to win that race Or tie for first, or if not that At least take second place The fathers watched from off the side Each...

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Your “inner” Circle

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By NSD Pamela Shaw:   The people you let into your inner circle either propel you towards your dream or they steal and rob you of belief that you can live your VISION beyond what you currently ‘see’. People are lifters or leaners. They are givers, or they are takers. They are encouragers or thiefs. They’re optimistic or negative. They are consistent, or they are random. They’re reliable or not. They bring healthy, stable emotion or repeat drama. They’re other’s focused or self centered. They live their values or live by circumstance. They actively ‘grow’ or they migrate with the world’s direction. They stand on...

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10 – 9 – 8 ….

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Only 10 days left!  Are you feeling the anticipation, the excitement of crossing that final finish line for the year?   The feeling of doing all you could to reach your goal, to give it your all, to finish on a positive note?  Or are you feeling like “what happened to the past 12 months?”  If that is what you are feeling, then these next 10 days are YOURS to get ready for next year!  Make TODAY the beginning of the next year.  Make TODAY the beginning of Seminar 2013!  And the Key is the BEE!!  Turn your unit around by PERSONALLY working your business and adding 24 qualified team members during 2013.  Get on the phone and BOOK for July!  Mary Kay Ash always...

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Today is now here. And with it has come the opportunity for you to move in the direction you choose. If you have been knocked off your feet, today is the day to get back up and get going again. If you have made choices that led to disappointing results, today is the day you can change your direction. If you have been holding a treasured dream in your heart, you can begin today to make that dream happen. If something has been holding you back, today is your chance to start moving beyond it. All that you’ve done and all that you are, has now arrived at today. In this day there are opportunities that have been building for a lifetime. You’ve learned what works...

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