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Introducing NEW templates plus a Quarterly Newsletter option!!

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Directors, if you already have someone doing your newsletter and you love it and its going smooth, then you can stop reading now!  Don’t change something that is working well!  If you are still reading, I’m guessing you don’t have a newsletter, don’t love your newsletter, or don’t want to keep doing it yourself, (or you are one of our clients and are curious about our new templates)!  Now is your chance to change things and get a newsletter that your consultants will love.  We recommend a newsletter for all units with 50+ consultants and/or units with $7,000 ws+ in unit production a month.  If you are still growing to that point, I...

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Birthday Celebration

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Like you, we set goals in our business!  I am asking for your help to reach one of my goals by my birthday, on August 30th!   To celebrate we are offering you a special for making a decision this week! SPECIAL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION SAVINGS!!  New Clients:  From now August 23rd – August 30th, when you add mailer service will get $30 off your setup fee (for small units that means NO setup fee)!!  $25 SAVINGS – but only until August 30th!!  Not needing mailers right now?  Sign up for other services and get $5-10 off any custom design or off your postcard or poster order of $25 or more (not including shipping).  You can get your services started for September by...

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Overcome Obstacles

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As I was going through some old emails to find something I needed, I found an email that I loved reading… so I thought I’d share a part of it with you.  This email is from a several years ago, but always applies!    Gloria is one of those women that touches lives!  She is strong, funny and a hard worker.  I love listening to her!   “People at the top are Masters of overcoming obstacles.” – Gloria Mayfield Banks  Did you know that Gloria Mayfield Banks had a learning disorder, dyslexia?  While attending Harvard, someone had to read to her for 2 hours every night. Did you know Gloria was in DIQ 3 times?  Fall on, fall off, got tired of it!   So, in one...

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