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Your Business name is YOU!

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Julie P., a Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director wrote this a few years ago.  Thanks for sharing it.    Thoughts to think about…   As an Independent Beauty Consultant or Director in Mary Kay we are really INDEPENDENT.  I think we should consider our business names to be “MY NAME dba Mary Kay Director.”  DBA means ‘doing business as’.  YOU are your business and we are privileged to purchase and resell Mary Kay products.  Think about this for a minute.  Your Business name is YOU!  If you opened a coffee shop or dress store with the business name as YOUR name…would you treat it differently than you do your Mary Kay.  You are the...

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6 Most Important Things to do in the last 7 Days of September

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  Is that a Christmas tree?  Serious?  Holiday sales?  You may be thinking, Donna, you’ve got to be kidding!  But, go to the stores… Christmas is starting to come out and even if it isn’t in the store YET, you can guarantee retailers are working RIGHT now to get ready for it!  Setting release dates for products, placing their orders, and planning the best ways to reach their customers.  And YOU ARE A RETAILER!!  These are great tips for all of September, but especially for the last 7 days of September! What you do NOW will set you up for Success with Holiday Sales! 1.  Book and hold a lot of skin care classes and parties and feature the different Skin...

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