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Holiday Open Houses

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Here are some open houses invitations to get things rolling for you!  Our clients love our open house postcards because they are high quality, eye-catching beautiful designs!  Have us customize your favorite for you for just $10 and then you can print them yourself.  We can print and ship them to you!  $25 for the first 50 ordered and .35 each after that, plus shipping to you.   OR Let us handle it all – print and mailed directly to your customers on the date you choose!  $48 for the first 50 printed and just .85 each after that (price includes postage).  Our postcards are professionally printed on semi-gloss cardstock full color on one side plus your photo,...

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Falling for Success!

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The fall in Mary Kay is always filled with training workshops and recognition events!   And I love the energy and excitement that is created!  I had the opportunity this past weekend to spend a day at NSD Tammy Crayk’s Fall Retreat in beautiful Midway,Utahwith guest NSD Sabrina Goodwin-Monday!  WOW.  Sabrina commented that she is a “Warrior not a worrier” and I would definitely agree! Here are the top 3 reasons that I love events like these! First, I come away feeling so motivated and inspired!  It is such a blessing the way directors and NSDs train, motivate and share with each other!  That just isn’t something you get elsewhere in the world of business. ...

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The Journey of National Sales Directors

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A few years ago, I received the some notes about the journeys that some of the Inner Circle NSDs took from consultant to National Sales Director.   I love reading information like this because although thsese women are STRONG, CONFIDENT and AMAZING now and we look up to and respect them, they are a lot like you and me.  They have had bumps and bruises and struggles on their journey.  It wasn’t always EASY for them.  They didn’t always do what they were supposed to do or what they knew they could do.  Sometimes they quit and gave up for a time.  But, what makes them different?  They found a vision, a passion, a reason and they rose above those bumps and...

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Using our PDF Freebies in your Newsletters

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You are welcome to use our freebies from Facebook or our MK Freebies section of our website in your newsletter!  We create the files for directors with the go-give spirit in mind!   You can print them, share them on Facebook or email them to consultants for them to print, or add them to your newsletter!  We do ask that you do not delete our name from them.  But when you use our freebies, we want the quality to remain top notch!  If your end product (esp newsletters) don’t look great, then here are some ways to fix the quality!  Keep reading! Have you ever used a pdf in a newsletter and wondered why it looks so horrible?  Are you making an image (losing quality)...

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Leadership Conference

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We are getting so excited for Leadership!  We booked airfare today for our staff that will be joining us in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles will be a warm break from the cold mountains and snow that usually surround us in January.  A few things to know … MK Virtual Office will be in the vendors with Carich Expo Showcase of Exhibits along with your favorite vendors like QT Office, Laurad Designs, My Girlfriends’s House, Intelliverse, Earth’s Pharmacy, David Cooper and Arizona Wig Company.   The booths will be open to service you from Wednesday, January 9th (opening in the morning) until Wednesday January 16th at 2:30pm.  We will be CONVENIENTLY located in...

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