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5 Steps to Leadership

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You have the vision!  You want to be a director (or have a consultant who wants to be)!  Here are some great tools to get you to Directorship before Leadership.         1 – Set the goal!  Share your goal with others who will support you and rally with you!  Get your family on board by helping them understand what is in it for them.  Then, get their help with things that you can delegate while in DIQ and your first couple months as a director.  Commit to timeline with them and stick to it! 2 – Break the goal down into # of parties!  Use this flyer How To Get To Leadership by NSD Tammy Crayk to figure out your magic number. 3 –...

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Business or a Hobby?

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Mary Kay offers you training on how to work your business, but are you missing the Executive Mindset?  This is a critical piece to making it to the next level … every successful top director and NSD has to think like an executive and run her business like a business woman.  Your enthusiasm and MK skills can take you to a point, but as your business grows, YOU have to grow with it.   You need to run your business like an executive and have an Executive Mindset.  We have partnered with Brandon Barber Coaching for this one time event in Utah to share the keys to running your business like a successful BUSINESS.  Join us!   See more details on the flyer below or...

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Half Page Court Postcard

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This postcard would make a great gift for Consultants going to Seminar this year! It is double sided and professionally printed on glossy cardstock. The postcards are $1.50 each or 25 for $30. Give us a call today to...

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Are you ready to think like a CEO?

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I am so excited to share this training with you!!  I am doing a training in Salt Lake City, Utah with Brandon Barber Coaching!  And I’m inviting YOU!! Many of you know that I was a MK Director years ago.  I was not a smart director in many respects.  I was missing a key piece … I wasn’t running my business like a business!  Since I stepped down, I’ve worked with hundreds of directors (some successful and some not so much), attended many business seminars, talked with many other small business owners, and I’ve established a successful business, MK Virtual Office, that brings me a lot of joy.  I know that one of the biggest keys to success is...

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Aloha! Top Director Trip

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It is 2014!  Share your goal of Top Director Trip with your unit from day 1!  Make them a part of something BIG!  Include them in being a TOP UNIT!  Check out our tracking posters for Maui and San Francisco!  Hang one in your office and one at your meetings.  Share them with your director friends who you want to hang out with on the trip. Posters are about 13×19 and are professionally printed on glossy cardstock!  $5 (plus actual shipping)  MKVO monthly clients, just email and we’ll charge it to your account.  Not a MKVO client?  Simply...

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