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DIQs: One Month Normal Tracking Sheet

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Directors-in-Qualification: Use this great tracking sheet to make the most of your month! Print this sheet out and write your goal date down as motivation! Then track your progress to success!                     OneMonthNormal    ...

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Merry Christmas!! What?? The best way to end September!

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Is that a Christmas tree?  Serious?  Holiday sales?  You may be thinking, Donna, you’ve got to be kidding!  But, go to the stores… Christmas is starting to come out and even if it isn’t in the store YET, you can guarantee retailers are working RIGHT now to get ready for it!  Setting release dates for products, placing their orders, and planning the best ways to reach their customers.  And YOU ARE A RETAILER!!  These are great tips for all of September, but especially for the last 10 days of September!   What you do NOW will set you up for Success with Holiday Sales! 1.  Book and hold a lot of skin care classes and parties and feature the different...

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Gloria Banks says “MASTER Overcoming Obstacles”

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I was going through some old emails to find an idea, and I found an email that I loved reading… so I thought I’d share a part of it with you.  This email is from several years ago, but always applies!   Gloria is one of those women that touches lives!  She is strong, funny and a hard worker.  I love listening to her!   “People at the top are Masters of overcoming obstacles.” – Gloria Mayfield Banks  Did you know that Gloria Mayfield Banks had a learning disorder, dyslexia?  While attending Harvard, someone had to read to her for 2 hours every night. Did you know Gloria was in DIQ 3 times?  Fall on, fall off, got tired of it!   So, in one month she went...

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Consultants (and Directors): Make the most of your time with the 4-Hour Plan!

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Would you like to be able to flip the Mary Kay switch OFF at times and feel GOOD about it? The 4-Hour Plan is the answer! Too often we burn ourselves out because we do not have an organized schedule for all the craziness our lives can bring. Take charge of your life now! Use this plan to organize your business and make the most of your time! Listen to Tammy present the 4-Hour Plan on You-Tube at:                         Consultant4HourPlan...

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Directors & Consultants: Manage Your Time More Effectively!

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Manage your time effectively with this great tracking sheet and schedule! Great for Directors and Consultants!                     6 Most Important Things to Do Today...

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