Holiday Open House 2016

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An open house can be a great way to promote your Mary Kay business and assist your customers with their holiday shopping.  If you have more than 50 customers, hold an open house!  Send invitations to everyone you know – even if they are not a current customer.  Then follow-up with a call to BOOK each person.  Remind them to bring a friend and what special offer you have for them.  Also double check that they do not have a consultant.  Refer them back to their consultant if they do.

Setup for the open house by making sure things look nice.  Do not go overboard.  Keep it simple, especially if it is your first.  Have some sample baskets, plus individual products displayed in cute ways.  Don’t break the bank on displays.  The goal is to assist them with their shopping and make money in your business.

During the open house, use any down-time to call customers who have not attended yet and to book other appointments.  When customers arrive, make sure they feel the holiday spirit (music, smells, colors, packages etc).  Let them know you will gift-wrap and deliver for them (include actual cost of gift wrap in the gift sets you offer – do NOT lose all your profit on wrapping).

Provide each guest with a “Wish list” so you can follow-up with her “Santa” later to help him with his shopping too.  Make sure you have suggestions for many price ranges, men and women.  Also ask if they need gifts for teachers, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc.

 As you get ready for your open house, let MKVO take care of the invitations for you!

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  1. I’m interested in doing a Holiday Open House Post Card. Having your print and mail them. Is it too late to if my Open House is on Nov. 18-19?

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