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Back to School Promotion!

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Hey this is a great way to get a jump on finishing your STAR! Have some fun with back to school sales, this is a chance to call up some customers and offer the new products!  If you’re one of our TextStudio clients your customers automatically got sent this on Monday the 14th. Click on the link to print out!

BackToSchoolSale with New Products

New STAR Quarter!

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Right click and print!


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Make Wonder your Normal!

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Dreaming in RED

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Your red jacket symbolizes success, earn it and wear it proud!!

Count down! 10 Weeks To Go!

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Wow!  Time flies!  Make the most every day with what you have, and right now, you have just over TEN WEEKS LEFT in 2017 to work hard and have some fun making your dreams come true!  What will you accomplish in your Mary Kay business? Use this great tracking sheet to visualize your progress!

Don’t let the weather, or end of school or any other distractions get in the way of your focus.  Instead use this time of year as motivation to stay driven. I am a firm believer that when life gets busier, we should be more disciplined and still get things done, so we can guilt-free enjoy the things with our families and friends.  Work hard and consistently, play hard and consistently.  Invest in your See if you can beat your progress from the previous week and use the extra profits to pay for some summer fun!  Make it count!


Click on the image to open a printable PDF.

Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors, do you like our designs? Consider sending a custom monthly newsletter to your unit! Each newsletter MK Virtual Office creates includes your custom information, a well as many more great flyers like this one to help motivate your consultants to succeed! For more information, give us a call today at 801-653-9333.

What it means to wear RED!

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Administrative Professional’s Day brochure!

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Administrative Professional’s Day brochure! Print out and use this month!


Invest or Spend? Which do you do?

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Donna Lindsey (Owner of MKVO) with  Sr. NSD Pat Danforth      

Pat Danforth is an Emeritus Senior National Sales Director who has earned over $7 million in Mary Kay!  She represented her Area in the Inner Circle 11 times.  She is a down-to-earth type person who believes in the vision Mary Kay Ash shared with this company.  I had the opportunity to attend  a training with Pat several yeas ago, including spending time with her during dinner with about just 12 of us.  My favorite quote from Pat:  “Don’t SPEND time.  Invest it!”   Wow.  Powerful, right?  It reminded me to value my time a little more and to invest it – and hopefully wisely.

Pat is one of those people who was taught personally on many occasions by Mary Kay Ash.  Mary Kay Ash taught everyone to “Let them learn, while I earn.”  She taught the concept of bringing potential team members and new team members to your appointments with you to show them more about the business.  Pat said, “then if they walk out the door, they don’t take part of your business with them.”  Work smart.  Invest time.  Don’t just spend it.

“My philosophy is that if you will do the things you ought to do when you ought to do them, you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them,” Pat says.  I believe that is a philosophy Pat has truly lived by and teaches each of us to do the same by her example.

Pat also shared several personal stories that made us all laugh.  Have you ever heard about Mary Kay’s ring?  I had heard this years ago, but had totally forgotten.  (forgive me for not remembering all the exact details).  Mary Kay had a beautiful ring with a large diamond in the center.  One time someone noticed that she was instead wearing a very similar ruby ring.  After a comment about it, Mary Kay responded that it was the same ring just colored red with marker!  She used nail polish remover to remove the marker when she was ready to go with another color.  She was known to “change” it to whatever kind of stone she wanted it to be … all with markers!  She knew nothing could damage a diamond.  She was smart with her money and chose to color her diamond rather than spend big money on multiple rings.

Pat also taught some very practical tips about wearing pins on the right side or your jacket so they don’t get caught on your seatbelt.  She shared that it is important to not overpower with jewelry or pins and gave the rule of 3 when you are out and about.   I also got a great laugh when she taught that skirts should not be too short.  When you go into a home, a woman doesn’t want her teenage son or her husband paying too much attention to you!  Remember what you are selling and dress to sell to the woman, not the men in the home.  Your customers and her guests will feel more comfortable when your skirt doesn’t saying you are selling something more than Mary Kay products and the Mary Kay business opportunity.

So get out there and invest your time and let the consultants in your unit learn while you earn.