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Count down! 10 Weeks To Go!

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Wow!  Time flies!  Make the most every day with what you have, and right now, you have just over TEN WEEKS LEFT in 2017 to work hard and have some fun making your dreams come true!  What will you accomplish in your Mary Kay business? Use this great tracking sheet to visualize your progress!

Don’t let the weather, or end of school or any other distractions get in the way of your focus.  Instead use this time of year as motivation to stay driven. I am a firm believer that when life gets busier, we should be more disciplined and still get things done, so we can guilt-free enjoy the things with our families and friends.  Work hard and consistently, play hard and consistently.  Invest in your See if you can beat your progress from the previous week and use the extra profits to pay for some summer fun!  Make it count!


Click on the image to open a printable PDF.

Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors, do you like our designs? Consider sending a custom monthly newsletter to your unit! Each newsletter MK Virtual Office creates includes your custom information, a well as many more great flyers like this one to help motivate your consultants to succeed! For more information, give us a call today at 801-653-9333.

What it means to wear RED!

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Administrative Professional’s Day brochure!

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Administrative Professional’s Day brochure! Print out and use this month!


Invest or Spend? Which do you do?

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Donna Lindsey (Owner of MKVO) with  Sr. NSD Pat Danforth      

Pat Danforth is an Emeritus Senior National Sales Director who has earned over $7 million in Mary Kay!  She represented her Area in the Inner Circle 11 times.  She is a down-to-earth type person who believes in the vision Mary Kay Ash shared with this company.  I had the opportunity to attend  a training with Pat several yeas ago, including spending time with her during dinner with about just 12 of us.  My favorite quote from Pat:  “Don’t SPEND time.  Invest it!”   Wow.  Powerful, right?  It reminded me to value my time a little more and to invest it – and hopefully wisely.

Pat is one of those people who was taught personally on many occasions by Mary Kay Ash.  Mary Kay Ash taught everyone to “Let them learn, while I earn.”  She taught the concept of bringing potential team members and new team members to your appointments with you to show them more about the business.  Pat said, “then if they walk out the door, they don’t take part of your business with them.”  Work smart.  Invest time.  Don’t just spend it.

“My philosophy is that if you will do the things you ought to do when you ought to do them, you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them,” Pat says.  I believe that is a philosophy Pat has truly lived by and teaches each of us to do the same by her example.

Pat also shared several personal stories that made us all laugh.  Have you ever heard about Mary Kay’s ring?  I had heard this years ago, but had totally forgotten.  (forgive me for not remembering all the exact details).  Mary Kay had a beautiful ring with a large diamond in the center.  One time someone noticed that she was instead wearing a very similar ruby ring.  After a comment about it, Mary Kay responded that it was the same ring just colored red with marker!  She used nail polish remover to remove the marker when she was ready to go with another color.  She was known to “change” it to whatever kind of stone she wanted it to be … all with markers!  She knew nothing could damage a diamond.  She was smart with her money and chose to color her diamond rather than spend big money on multiple rings.

Pat also taught some very practical tips about wearing pins on the right side or your jacket so they don’t get caught on your seatbelt.  She shared that it is important to not overpower with jewelry or pins and gave the rule of 3 when you are out and about.   I also got a great laugh when she taught that skirts should not be too short.  When you go into a home, a woman doesn’t want her teenage son or her husband paying too much attention to you!  Remember what you are selling and dress to sell to the woman, not the men in the home.  Your customers and her guests will feel more comfortable when your skirt doesn’t saying you are selling something more than Mary Kay products and the Mary Kay business opportunity.

So get out there and invest your time and let the consultants in your unit learn while you earn.

30 Faces in 30 Days!

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  Spring into ACTION for your final 3 months of the Seminar year! Complete 30 faces in 30 days all 3 months and finish strong!

What will 30 faces each month do for your business?  Let’s pretend you spend 3 hours for each party (including booking and coaching, that you average $50 for each face you see, that you have 4-5 guests at a party, and that you share the opportunity with everyone at your parties)…  what are the numbers:

30 faces x $50 sales each = $1500/month, $4500 in 3 months  (plus you’ll have some reorders coming in by the 3rd month)

$1500/mo sales = (take 40% profit, reinvest 60% in inventory and supplies) = $600 extra in profit/month


30 faces/mo = 6-8 parties x 3 hours each party = 18-24 hours for the month

$600 PROFIT for 18-24 hours of work = you earn $25-33/hr


PLUS … work full circle – share the opportunity with all 90 people.  If 1 in 10 joins your team, you have 9 new team members!  If 1 in 5 joins your team, you have 18 new team members!  WHAT???  On-Target Car or DIQ!  Just from 30 faces a month!

Can you find 24 hours in a month to work to add $600 to your bank account, plus Star prizes, plus be on-target for a free car??   I have no doubt you CAN … so here is the question  … WILL YOU?  Get started today by booking parties!  Consider the 21 day booking challenge to get your bookings rolling!

Click here for the pdf:  30 face 30 days


Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors, do you like our designs? Consider sending a custom monthly newsletter to your unit! Each newsletter MK Virtual Office creates includes your custom information, a well as many more great flyers like this one to help motivate your consultants to succeed! For more information, give us a call today at 801-653-9333.

Contest Flyers for April!

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Reach your Ribbon! and I want the Suit! Track your success this April!

I Want the Suit_April2017

Ribbon Contest_April2017

Create Momentum with Attendance

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we missed you-03Its the Final THREE!  That’s right, only three months left this seminar year.  As the year ends, create momentum with people attending your weekly meetings every week.  Issue a 13 week challenge – attend 12 out of 13 weeks for a special gift or party.
Having consultants at your meeting can create a lot of excitement to help carry you and your consultants to success!  Consultants need to show up to go up!  Focus on attendance to create momentum and success.  Plus when they attend unit meeting, they are more likely to attend company events like Seminar!  How many consultants do you want at Seminar?  Who are they?  Get them to unit meeting.
Remind your consultants when they don’t attend unit meeting, they lose “heat” much like a hot ember pulled from the fire and set alone on the fire place.  Have you read the story of “The Lone Ember”?  It is a great story to read at unit meeting to remind your consultants of the value of unit meeting – or include in your next newsletter.
Many directors find their consultants feel a greater sense of belonging and a part of the unit when they receive postcards saying “we missed you” or “glad you came”.  We have 4-5 designs of each available.  Available in variety packs as well.
To order:  Send us an email at and we can send you all the design options, or call us at 801-653-9333!  They are pack of 10 for $3.50 plus actual shipping to you.

Successful Year End Planning in 5 Steps!

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Three months go to!  Wow – it is coming fast.  But 3 months is a TON of time!  You can get so much done!

Feel free to look at other blog posts and stop back by.  We will be adding more ideas here OFTEN over the next few days as we talk to directors.  If you have ideas, please email us at or leave a comment here.

Step 1:  Breaking down your goal …

What is your goal?  Where are you now?  Where do you want to be?  Calculate how much you still need to do.  Divide that by 3 months.  This is what you need to achieve.  Now, in all honesty, is your goal achievable?  I’m all for setting a “big girl goal”, one that makes your stomach do some flips but that in your heart you know you can achieve.  But, if you are sitting at $200,000 retail right now and have the goal to be on the trip and you had 3 unit members at unit meeting, let’s find a goal for 2017 that will be a win for you and your consultants and extend the goal for the trip to 2018.

Goals that you anyone can set and achieve … Have your best 3 months of the year.  Increase by 13% wholesale each month.  Increase unit meeting attendance by 13%.  Grow your unit size by 13%.  Grow your unit size to 50, 75 or 100.  Put yourself back in DIQ and build a new personal unit.  Also, look at your Nationals newsletter.  Are you top 10 in a category?  Maybe most improved?  Can you move up a ranking?  Whatever you choose, make it a win that you and your unit can get excited about.  Finding and earning a win is POWERFUL to set you up for greater success in 2018.

If the goal is within site … big, but possible without making everyone around you hate you.  🙂  You’ve broken it down into 3 months.  Who in your unit will be the biggest contributors?  Who will add team members?  Who will move up to DIQ, On-Target, Red Jacket, Sr. Consultant?  Who will be a Star?  Who will order $600 each month?  Who will order $400 each month?  Who will order $225 each month?  Who will order $225 one time?  What’s left?  How much do you need to personally sell and how many team members do you need to add.

Need someone to talk through this?  MKVO clients, drop us an email to schedule a time for a one-on-one consultation.

Step 2:  Plan your promotions/contests …



Click on an image above to see a printable pdf.

Step 3:  Communicate the goal and promotions to your consultants  ….

Communication with ALL of your consultants is key. As you try to decide if you will mail something or email, ask yourself … do you ever delete emails without reading them? Do you ever ignore emails for several days (even weeks) before finally reading or just deleting? Consultants do the EXACT same thing. Mailing something that they can hold in their hands is CRITICAL to really contacting everyone.
For several years, MKVO has mailed postcards for many directors at the end of the year. We have repeat customers who SWEAR by the additional production these postcards bring in. With the POWER OF SKIPIO, we now believe you can reduce the number of postcards mailed (and your budget), send one postcard to kick it all off, then follow up with texts.  Finish it off with one final powerful 1/2 page postcard with a sample order to your I3 and T’s who may not be getting your texts and/or are ignoring them.  Plus the power of something in their hand with a sample order always creates production.  The postcards below can all be edited to include prizes of your choice, and your unit goal, whether that is a 13%increase, a car, a specific unit size or a unit club.  AND we can make matching text images which can be sent to remind your consultants, keeping it all cohesive.

Example plan:

  • As early in April as you can – Mail a postcard with your goal and promotion to entire unit
  • May 1st—Text May promotion to A1-I2 unit members
  • May 15th – Text reminder about May promotion and an update to A1-A3 consultants
  • May 15th – Mail “Make the Most of Summer Sales” to all I3 & T consultants—VERY POWERFUL
  • June 1st—Text reminder to I3 & T about new products and ordering them
  • June 1st – Text June promo to A1-I2 unit members
  • June 20th – Text to entire unit to update on progress


Step 4:  Plan your personal business … 

Determine what you need to do….

How much do you need to sell?   How many parties do you need to hold for that sales goal?  Are you going to do a customer appreciation sale or $1000 day?  See the ideas above for some fun sale ideas some of our other clients have done in past years.

How many new team members do you need?  How many marketing appointments do you need to do?

Now set your schedule… knowing how many appointments you need to hold, plan your schedule.  Then get busy with a 21 day booking challenge!

Feel free to search our blog for $1,000 day ideas and other sales ideas.


Step 5:  Share your goal and your plan …

Share with a power partner, Senior Director and/or NSD that will hold you accountable, cheer you on and give you a “kick in the pants” when you aren’t doing what you should be doing.   Not sure you have that someone in your life, MKVO is happy to support you, cheer for you and check in!  Send us an email with your goals and plan… we will check in with you every week or two to see if you are on-target with your bookings, parties, sales and marketing appts.   Even if you have someone who will be that person for you, we’d still love to hear your goal and plan so feel free to share.    Always cheering for you!!




Red! Drive Free! DIQ!

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This idea was shared by Director Allison Cheney at Tammy Crayk’s area director meeting.  It has moved people up the career path and is putting people in Red, On-Target, Driving Free and into DIQ.  And when that happens for your unit members, your unit is reaching unit goals too!  What will this do for you in the next 3 months?  Build your own team too!

Amy Kemp Challenge-01

It is a simple idea, and since we aren’t sure who it came from originally, we are simply calling it the “Amy Kemp Challenge” since it is her video that is being used.  It is doing BIG things for lots of people.
Thanks Amy Kemp for the marketing video about becoming a Mary Kay Consultant and to Tammy’s area for the scripts of exactly what to say.  You could use other videos that you LOVE as well.
The 2nd page is a tracking sheet!  Click on the image to open the pdf to print and save it.
I challenge YOU to personally do the Amy Kemp challenge – have 10 women listen in 24-48 hours and then follow-up!  And I challenge you to have at least one consultant in your unit do it as well (maybe select 1 for every 20 non-terminated consultants or even challenge your entire unit).  Consultants feel “special” when you hand-select them though for a contest so don’t hesitate to reach out to them individually and issue the challenge.  This challenge can give you personally a big win for the end of the seminar win and can really push your unit to the top as well!
Directors:  Do you use Skipio?  Here’s an idea of how YOU could implement it with Skipio and your own customers!
Consultants:  If you use Skipio – you can use a similar script but ask your director to assist with the follow-up.
  • Create a campaign for Marketing.  You will add 20-30 of your favorite customers to this campaign TODAY.  Then tonight or first thing tomorrow, remove anyone who responds.  Tomorrow add 10-20 more of your favorite customers.  Continue removing those who respond and adding 10-20 more each day until you are out of names and you’ve reached your goal:
    • Create a voice mail to go out TODAY that says:  “Hey, this is (your name) with Mary Kay.  I’m working on a huge goal to (add your goal here) !  I’ve need to have 10 amazing women watch a short video in the next 24 hours and then give me your opinion.  I immediately thought of YOU! I will give you a FREE gift! Will you help me out? Its hard to give you the link in a voicemail, so just quickly text the word “AMAZING” to (your  Skipio number) right now, and I’ll send you the link or call me back.  Again text “AMAZING” to (your Skipio number).  Thanks a ton!”
    • Create a text to go out 15 minutes later that says:  “Hey [name], this is (your name) with Mary Kay.  I just left you a quick voice mail.  I could really use your help.  Will you listen to the message and then text me back?  If I don’t hear back from you I’ll check in again tomorrow.”
    • Create a follow-up text for the next day (20 hours later) that says, “I’m still wrapping up my challenge to have 10 amazing women watch my video.  Just a couple hours to finish.  Do you have a few minutes right now that you could help me out?  If so, text back “AMAZING” and I’ll send you the link.”
  • Setup the keyword “AMAZING” with the link to your favorite marketing video.
  • Setup a campaign for “AMAZING” – Send a text about 30-45 minutes later with your favorite script to book them for a follow-up call (use a calendly link if you use calendly).  Put everyone in the group for “leads Amazing” into this campaign.
  • As always, work full-circle!  If they don’t show interest in becoming a consultant when you follow-up, consider booking a party with them, making a sale or asking for referrals
We would LOVE to hear your results and or what you changed to make it work for you!

Honey Bunny Spring Baskets

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Thanks to Melinda Mercedes Balling for this fabulous idea! Print this out to help motivate you to sell even more! This could be your best month yet, don’t limit yourself, you can do!