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Donna Lindsey

Donna launched MK Virtual Office online in 2005. But our history starts in 1997, when Donna became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. When Donna became a consultant after 18 months of examining the business, her Sales Director commented that she was the highest “C” personality she’d ever encountered. Donna loves details and looking at everything from EVERY angle. After 4 years as a consultant, Donna became a Sales Director. Donna served in that position for a year but when her unit was struggling she chose to step down instead of rebuild.

After stepping down from sales director in 2002, Donna started working for two of her sister directors as a virtual assistant so she could be home to raise her 3 girls.  Donna did design work, newsletters, mailings, website maintenance and more and loved it right away!  In 2004, one of Donna’s two clients then top-director Tammy Crayk (now an NSD), challenged her to work for more directors so Donna started thinking!   Donna has developed systems that enable her to provide services to Directors and National Sales Directors throughout the United States and grow MK Virtual Office into the great company it is today.

Donna has a BA in Communications (marketing/advertising emphasis) from Brigham Young University and several years of experience in the accounting field. Donna is very proficient in all areas of computer work and ENJOYS details!  She is an expert in problem solving and creating systems.  Donna has three beautiful daughters including one at the Univ of Nevada Las Vegas, one in high school, and one in junior high school.  Donna enjoys spending time with family, traveling, volunteering with The Magic Yarn Project, road and mountain biking (just don’t ask about her crash), a little hiking and if she ever has time – doing crafts.

Donna has now become an expert on office systems in directors offices and is writing articles and available for training and speaking to directors at events or via conference calls.  The problem facing directors is often that they either have NO office systems or that they ARE their office system (which means they aren’t working effectively on more important areas).

Other entrepreneurs and small businesses (not Mary Kay affiliated) saw Donna’s work and passion for the success of small businesses and asked for marketing consulting, graphic design and mailing services to meet their needs as well.  With our talented staff, we are able to meet those requests to create brochures, documentation, business cards and more for each client.  Our staff consists of a Graphic Designer, Desktop Designers/Publishers,  an Office Manager, and an Office Assistant.  We are very grateful for the team we have assembled at MK Virtual Office and know that you will enjoy working with them as well.


Jennifer Davis

Jennifer is our awesome Office Manager. As MK Virtual Office grows it is no small task to keep things running smoothly. Jennifer is a smart and hard working individual who is willing to roll up her sleeves and just get it done.

Jennifer is a Seattle girl living in Utah. She loves everything from Starbucks to the Seattle Seahawks and is constantly working to learn and better herself. Jennifer and her husband Steve have 4 children.

Some fun facts about Jennifer:

  • Jennifer once gave her mom “The Talk”.
  • Once a rattlesnake bit her, after 5 days of excruciating pain, the snake finally died.
  • Jennifer’s 5 de Mayo party starts on the 8th of March.
  • She can speak Russian… in French.
  • Her passport requires no photograph.
  • She is considered a national treasure in countries she’s never visited.


Karen Gilbert

Karen is one of our and talented Desktop Publishers working on Newsletters.  Karen is actually family, but don’t let that fool you.  This woman knows how to get things done. Karen is very proficient on the computer and very kind and professional. We are excited to have Karen helping us, and we are confident you will enjoy working with her as much as we do.

Karen and her awesome husband Adam live near  Donna in Lehi, Utah . When Karen isn’t helping us with newsletters she can be found being ‘Mom’ to her 2 beautiful children .




Melissa Jordan

Melissa is one of our Desktop Publishers and does our area newsletters.

Melissa and her husband Kelly have a boy and enjoy going to concerts and sporting events.

Some fun facts about Melissa:

  • Melissa once taught a German shepherd how to bark in Spanish.
  • Melissa bowls overhand.
  • Roses stop to smell her.
  • She once started a fire using only dental floss and water.
  • She has won the lifetime achievement award… twice.
  • When she was young she once sent her parents to her room.




Krystal Peterson

Krystal takes care of all of the Action Items for our clients.  Krystal is the first employee of MK Virtual Office and has the distinct honor of being the only MK Virtual Office employee with a cameo appearance in the hit Disney movie “High School Musical”; a fact that the Lindsey girls think is “pretty cool!”

Krystal graduated from Taylor Andrews Cosmetology School with a Cosmetology license, Master Esthetician license, and Makeup Artistry certificate.  Krystal also has a Nail Tech license from Mountainland Applied Technology Center.

Krystal married David Peterson and instantly became the mother of 3 children (they are David’s children from a previous marriage). Krystal and David added a baby boy to their family in August 2013. Krystal and David love the outdoors and are avid Mountain Bicyclists.  Krystal also loves playing basketball, playing with her nieces and nephews, modeling but her pride and joy is definitely raising her little boy.  And in her spare time, she also does the books for David’s businesses.

Diana Horne

Diana is one of our Desktop Publishers and does many of our unit newsletters.

Picture and more information coming soon!

Amanda Tolman

Amanda is one of our Desktop Publishers and does unit newsletters.

Picture and more information coming soon!


Feel free to contact us anytime

Phone: (801) 653-9333
Email: custserv@mkvirtualoffice.com

MK Virtual Office is not affiliated with Mary Kay Cosmetics.


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