Why choose MK Virtual Office?

MK Virtual Office has been operating for over 10 years – serving NSDs and Directors at all levels of their business (plus additional years of being a virtual assistant for directors prior to starting the business).  At MKVO, we understand your Mary Kay business and we have designed our services to make YOU look your best and to assist you in your goals and success!  We pride ourselves on working with the same go-give spirit and principles that Mary Kay Ash taught.  Whether you choose a unit newsletter, mailers, action items or a one-time custom project, our goal is to offer you the BEST service possible.

What is the cancellation policy?

Service is month to month – no contracts! Please notify us by the 25th of the month to cancel or make changes to your services for the following month.


When are the postcards and letters mailed?

Most postcards and letters are mailed 3-7 working days after your reports are available. Birthday postcards are mailed 7 days prior to the birthday. Anniversary cards are mailed at the beginning of the month. Star postcards are mailed about the 1st of the month.


How do I change my Mailer choices?

Just send us an email by the 1st of the month! There is no additional set up fee as long as you have continuous service. We must be notified of changes to Birthday or Anniversary postcards by the 15th of the month.


Is there a setup fee for Intouch Action Items, or Newsletters?



How often are Intouch Consultant Action Items completed?

Consultant Birthdays and anniversaries are scheduled prior to the month beginning. All other consultant items are completed within 1 week of being listed, including new consultants throughout the month.  We check your account weekly.


How is unit size determined?

Unit size is based on your non-terminated unit size at the end of October, February and June. To see your non-terminated unit size, view your “Actual Unit Size” on the At-A-Glance screen.  If your unit size has changed, you will receive an email notifying you of the new pricing.


What is the referral reward program?

Each time you refer another director to our services, you will receive a $25 Referral Reward Refund after her first month’s subscription payment. The Referral Reward Program is only awarded to Directors currently enrolled in our services and are not available as cash back.