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HomepageWebImages_Square_TitleOnly-01This service is perfect for Mary Kay Sales Directors and National Sales Directors who want to get out from behind their computer!  Do you ever log in to MKIntouch and see all those action items and feel overwhelmed?  Do you ignore them because some get a letter or postcard?  What about the rest?  Or do you ignore them because you don’t have time right now?  Do they stay on your mind and clutter your focus?  Do you spend precious phone, family or sleep time getting them taken care of?

If the answer was yes to any of those questions, STOP!  Take action right now to free your time and your mind and still effectively reach those consultants!  Sign up for MKVO’s Action Item Service.  We will login to MKintouch and email every one of your consultant action items and then mark it done every single week.  We will write the messages or use ones you have saved (your choice).  All emails will come from you so if they reply you’ll receive it!   This provides valuable, often production producing communication, but frees up more of your time (not to mention gets it off of your mind),  so you can do people time!


Unit Size Consultant Action Items*
0-50 $15
51-100 $21
101-200 $30
201-300 $42
301+ Contact for quote
*NSD’s please email us or call 801-653-9333 for a Quote.

Pricing effective January 31st, 2016.

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