Monthly Mailers to Your Unit – Designed for MK NSDs and Directors









Prices starting at just $38/mo 

There are no hidden costs with our monthly Mailer service custom designed for Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors and National Sales Directors.

  • Postcards are professionally printed so you always look like the business woman you are.
  • Each mailing will be sent to all applicable consultants on a monthly basis with no effort on your part.
  • Use the monthly report to easily follow up with each person who received a mailer.
  • Pricing includes time, printing and postage so you know what to budget.
  • Postcard includes a note with YOUR signature, your photo and complete contact information to keep it personal.
  • No contracts! No charge to change your mailer choices!  Make your mailers work for you!
  • Designs change regularly so they are fresh and current.
  • Spanish speaking consultants receive mailers in Spanish.
  • During your consultation, choose the perfect package for your unit.
  • Preview a list of all mailers and see samples here.

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For customized mailings to your list, please see flyers & postcard design.